The Oakland Peace Center is about three things:

1) Connecting peacemakers of many types to increase our impact and decrease our burnout, and connecting community members to those partners to build out the movement for justice;

2) Creating support for the 40+ organizations we work with so they can focus on what they do best (feed people, fight for social change, help people find inner peace to cope with hard situations, build Beloved Community) instead of being consumed with the burdens of running a nonprofit (administrative, legal, fundraising, infrastructure and more); and

3) providing affordable space for the many nonprofits (and particularly small and people of color-run nonprofits) at heightened risk of displacement in the current rental market in the Bay Area.

In other words, we help the helpers STAY, CREATE PEACE, and GET STRONGER...together.

At a time when so many communities are under attack (LGBTQ+, immigrant, Black, indigenous, women, people with disabilities, poor people, people without health care, as well as the environment), we create space and collaborative opportunities so our partners can support each other's work. We are all in this together, and we need us. And at this moment, we need to build, not just resist. That can only happen together.

Your donation will help us provide desperately needed infrastructure support to our partners so their work can reach more people. It will help us take over and rehabilitate a historic building so our partners can stay in the community that needs them. It will help peacemakers develop deeper connections with each other and begin to strategize together how to create peace for all in the Bay Area, with a much greater impact than if we each work on our own.

Thank you for donating generously! Our hope is that by the end of 2017, we will have reached a goal of $50,000 in individual donations. Our commitment is for the majority of our funding to come from individuals, because we believe this work is about real people coming together to support a community that is creating peace by creating equity, access and dignity for all!


NOTE: While this page will only allow you to make a single donation, you can set it up in installments so that you're paying a large amount over 36 months, for example. If you'd prefer to be billed automatically every month the other way, you can visit our donations page and follow either the Network For Good or the Paypal link to set up your monthly donations there instead!

Who's donating

$70.00 raised
GOAL: $50,000.00

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