UPDATE: Our tally below does not reflect the people who signed up to pay in installments (i.e. monthly donors); if we count the annual giving from those generous folks, we reached over $30,000 by the end of 2016! Thanks to everyone who got us so close to our fundraising goal!


The Oakland Peace Center is a community of artists, activists, cultural workers, educators and non-profits collaborating to bring about a city of hope, justice, nonviolence and compassion.

At a time when space is at a premium, the organizations making a real difference in real people's lives deserve to have a space and a support system that allows them to focus on their work: ending violence, creating opportunities, and creating equity in our community. They do that work well. When you donate to the Oakland Peace Center, you support a heavily subsidized physical space that allows them to do that work, but you also invest in them connecting with each other and cross-pollinating so that their work can go much farther than it would have otherwise.

Here's a glimpse into what you'll be supporting in 2017 if you donate today:

The Oakland Peace Center is two things: (1) a physical space with a very small staff and board and (2) a collective of 40 organizations working together to create equity, access and dignity for all (people and creation) in the Bay Area. Believing that together we can do more, the Oakland Peace Center seeks to support and connect its partners through the following priorities, all of which began in the 2015-16 fiscal year and will continue in the coming fiscal year:

1. Serving as a nonprofit incubator and community “one-stop shop” to help nonprofits not only stay in the area but alleviate their non-program related burdens (administrative, reception, mail, faxing, etc.). We hope to support our partners so they can focus on what they do best: provide programs to create peace.

2. The development of a Community Advisory Board to guide our priorities. As the Bay Area faces increasing gentrification, we are building a community advisory board of people served by our partner organizations to help us remain grounded in the needs and gifts of longtime Oakland and Bay Area residents.

3. In ‘FY 2016-2017, the Oakland Peace Center will inherit our 40,000 square foot historic building from First Christian Church of Oakland. We have begun to engage in a capital campaign to refurbish the building and hope to build affordable housing on our property to serve our community better.

4. Our partners and others are developing a strategy to expose a minimum of 20% of Oakland residents to nonviolent movement building strategies by connecting them to great programs that already exist. The project’s nickname is The Flatlander School, in honor of the Highlander School in Tennessee, which was central to the civil rights’ movement’s great victories.

Thanks in advance for your support. Requests for our space from longtime organizations have spiked this year. There are so few affordable places in Oakland for trainings, social services, cultural events, and justice gatherings. Our community is growing, and we need resources to support that community facing an ever growing pinch while doing ever more important work. You create both peace and justice with every donation.


If you donate $50, you'll get an OPC water bottle or a brand new OPC tumbler as a thank you!


If you donate $75, you'll get your choice of two out of three: water bottle, tumbler, and OPC t-shirt!


For a $125 donation, you'll get three out of four: water bottle, tumbler, t-shirt and brand new OPC hoodie!


For $150, we'll send you all four!


We'll follow up on sizes and preferences upon receiving your donation.

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