MMD Projects

Want to know what we'll be up to on Miracle Day? Here's our dream list of a few of the projects!!!


  • take down the ancient wallpaper in the women's room (respect our guests)

  • plant drought-resistant plants around the building (respect our planet)

  • Replace flaking tiles in Shelton Hall with carpeting (stop our babies from eating floor tiles)

  • Replace the disintegrating carpet in our partners' office hallway (respect our partners)

  • Peace mural in the parking lot (respect the gifts of our youth)

  • Repaint the chapel (respect our roots, respect sacred space)




  • Sheet-rocking
  • Replacing broken glass with plexi glass
  • Clear out clutter and trash
  • Build bunk beds for all the work groups who come to help our partners!
  • Replace lights in Fellowship Hall
  • re-plaster where there's been water damage



  • Security cameras

  • motion activated lights around the building


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