About us

The Oakland Peace Center is a community of artists, activists, cultural workers, educators and non-profits collaborating to bring about a city of hope, justice, nonviolence and compassion.
The Oakland Peace Center provides needed space, hosts collaborative events and trainings, and creates a network of emotional and spiritual support for the 25+ organizations who partner in its work. These organizations pursue access, opportunity, justice, and inner peace throughout the Bay Area each in their own way. They can turn to the Oakland Peace Center to fortify and amplify these efforts through solidarity and cross-pollination. The OPC inspires these organizations to participate in a vision larger than that of any individual or member organization.
2016 has been amazing so far!
We've been building community while improving our space this year. In May, thanks to dozens of donors and 75 volunteers, we had a mini-Miracle Day to make our space better for the organizations who use it so much. In June we started fundraising so we can overhaul our 1929 facility so it is accessible and functional and once again serves as a point of beauty and hope for the community. Our staff is becoming full-time so we can support the expansion of our partners' work and collaboration. And in November we will convene all of our partners doing nonviolent movement building work to create a cohesive peace movement in the Bay Area! Donate to help support this big leap for our small but mighty organization.

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Violence Ends with Us. Peace Begins with You.

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Oakland Peace Center
The partners who make up the Oakland Peace Center are working together to create peace by creating opportunity, access and dignity for all people in the Bay Area. Instead of isolation, we engage in co-creation--we're building community by being community.